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HR Lawrence Fine Jewelry is the result of over 50 years in the diamond business from a family committed to integrity both in the diamond trade and in rock solid customer service.

Behind the

When you purchase a piece of jewellery from HR Lawrence, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality of materials, backed by HR Lawrence and Ruttner family guarantee.

CEO of HR Lawrence, Lawrence Ruttner, stands behind every piece created and delivered to you.

Henry Ruttner

Henry came to Montreal in 1952. He started working in Montreal as a taxi driver and for extra money he sold imported hosiery to mom and pop shops as well as a few department stores. He learned of the diamond business through a cousin who operated a jewellery business in England and soon he was selling loose diamonds out of his pockets. He spent several years on the road serving jewellery stores throughout the greater Montreal area, gaining much needed experience before opening his own store in the jewellery district of downtown Montreal in 1968. Henry is still working in the trade.

Lawrence Ruttner

Lawrence is the son of two Holocaust survivors. He became a G.I.A. certified gemologist in 1990 and soon began working in his father’s jewellery business. Passionate about the diamond trade and customer service, Lawrence steadily built up a larger private clientele and successfully began promoting the office as a wholesale diamond outlet in Montreal.

HR Lawrence Fine Jewelry

Lawrence Ruttner G.I.A. Certified Gemologist
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