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Rings for the Middle Finger!

Most of you may know me as an actress from my film and TV roles, and as the writer, executive producer and creator of my show, Gspot. So when my oldest childhood friend Lawrence of HR Lawrence Fine Jewelry asked me to co-design a line of diamonds with him I said F*ck YES! Let’s call it the “Fuck it I’m Fabulous” collection!

Inspired by my own Fabulous mother Charlotte, who was a jewelry designer herself, I wanted this line to be BOLD, and POWERFUL. To represent strength, independence, individuality, be ethically sourced, and above all be fabulous!

This is a female empowerment campaign encouraging women of all ages to Raise their middle finger to their fabulousness!

Not your left hand diamond. Not your right hand diamond.

These are rings for the middle finger!

A percentage of sales will be donated to charity

Stay fabulous

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Fuck it I’m Fabulous Collection